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REC is committed to helping investors maximize the value of their real estate portfolio. Our experienced advisors detail each step to assess your needs to ensure maximum profitability. Our sophisticated financial modeling and focused analysis determines the value of each property. We then tailor a customized approach to meet long-term ownership objectives to optimize the best possible financial results.

We have decades of experience in the purchase and selling of residential, retail, office, industrial, land, multi-housing and mixed-use properties. Our consultants deliver investment opportunities for your specific needs and market properties to target qualified purchasers.

Our book, Real Estate Intelligence, can answer all of the questions you’re afraid to ask.

We wrote one of Canada’s most downloaded real estate guides, Real Estate Intelligence. An in-depth look at property types, investing, necessary fundamentals, tested strategies and more. Our book is available in e-book, audio book, and hard copy. Please click below to get your copy. Its on us!

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We’ll work with you one-on-one to completely understand your specific situation to analyze your portfolio to achieve your investment goals. Our focus is to help you learn and utilize all the fundamentals of real estate investing to acquire enough passive income for you to achieve financial freedom.

We’ll show you how to select a market, type of property to invest in, how to conduct property analysis, manage properties, as well as prepare and negotiate offers.

Our one-on-one approach will eliminate all the guess work, as you learn and develop your portfolio.

If you are serious about becoming financially free, it’s time to talk to us.

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REC sits down with The Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast. He offers his insight on how anyone can delve into the pre-construction condo market in Toronto, and across North America. Jas elaborates on the benefits of the investment, things you must consider, how money is actually made as an investor and the steps his team takes to complete the due diligence on a possible deal.

As an owner of over 500 units, a real estate coach and entrepreneur at his core, you would never know that Alfonso Cuadra came from nothing, literally. In this podcast, you’ll hear how humble beginnings fueled his drive to set massive goals for himself, why you can’t take no for answer and how you too can make this the year of saying yes to your own life.

33 year old Sahil Jaggi, the talk of the town since being the feature in Toronto Life’s recent article on how it is possible to own 10 Toronto homes, sits down with REC Managing Partners Jas and Simeon. He tells stories on how he left his glamorous Wall Street career to come back to Toronto and follow his passion, why you have to block out people in your life who are stopping you from achieving your dreams, tips when starting out investing in real estate and why the Millennial stereotype doesn’t apply to him.

After having been on his TV show, The Everyday Investor, we decided to switch the script and have Rav Toor, host of the show, join us in our studio instead. He discusses the impact his mother had on his desire to invest in real estate at a young age, how investing has provided him with financial freedom and tips for others looking to start.

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